Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tonight, we fire up the oven!

I had thought about firing up, quite literally, the wood-fired oven I made in my back yard from dirt, straw, and sand, but I wanted a nice lazy day which didn't involve gathering sticks and cramming them in the oven. So instead, I turned the dial, and viola! we have heat. I love technology :)

In went the following food, all in about fifteen minutes: Turkey breast with butter and salt, Ruby Crescent potatoes with oil & salt, butternut squash cubes tossed with thyme, powdered garlic (this dish ONLY works with the powdered stuff, don't even bother with fresh, and it's the only reason I keep the nasty powdered stuff in my house), salt, and I would have added chili pepper but my daughter wouldn't have eaten it. I also threw together all the bread butts bread crusts, which no one eats in the house and mixed up some eggs, some milk, some sugar and cinnamon and then wandered around the house looking for bling to throw in the resulting bread pudding. I had no chocolate ***gasp***, no raisins or dried fruit of any sort, and the thought of apples in the pudding just didn't appeal. But lo, what light comes soft through yonder window? It's a persimmon which is so soft and melty it couldn't possibly be eaten out of hand, so I pulped it up and tossed it in the pudding. In case you're wondering how much milk and how many eggs I used, I try to never measure when I'm home cooking, unless it's for a fiddly cake. Throw some stuff together, I've cooked enough that I'm sure it'll be good.

I also put in my quince glop to roast down a bit more. I almost didn't put it in, since my favorite way to eat it is to always have a spoon in hand when I go into the fridge, and get a spoonful of sheer delight. The quince glop I made is peeled quinces, a naval orange, a white nectarine, some rose water, a bit of sugar, and a pinch of salt. It's lemony, light, sweet, hauntingly fragrant, and serious addictive. I'm thinking if I cook it down a bit more, it'll gel into something I can cut up and bring to work in my lunch more easily. I'm definitely going to be checking in on it often, as that's something I do NOT want to ruin. Maybe I'd better go check it, preferably with a soup spoon in hand...

I made up two butternut into cubes, as I really am excited about Halloween dinner, which will be my blackest of blacks cuttlefish ink spaghetti with the butternut tossed over it, some fresh herbs, and hopefully I can find a nice chunk of pancetta at work to buy. Orange, black, green, and little charred bits of flesh, how much more festive can you get?

Off to carmelize some onions (for you who don't know about this...go make some NOW! It's silly easy, just cook onions in plenty of good oil or butter at a slow & low heat until they turn brown) and saute my chantrelles in the onions to toss with the potatoes.

mmmm foooood. Say it like Homer Simpson. mmmm. foooooood.

p.s. I don't know if I can stick with Blogger/blogspot, their spellcheck couldn't find quince, carmelize, or chantrelle. Sigh.


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